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Welcome to Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC
Phil Tracewski "Your Boston Mass Dog Trainer"

Welcome to Off-Leash K9 Training Boston. Phil Tracewski is the owner of Off-Leash K9 Training of Greater Boston. Phil is a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and was employed by the Massachusetts department of Corrections.

The Off-Leash K9 Training system was designed to give your dog military and law enforcement obedience training which allows your dog to respond with the speed and proficiency of a military working dog. We offer basic and advanced training along with scent and protection training. Our system also covers many of the common problems involved with owning a dog such as anxiety and aggression. We can make any dog amazing in obedience regardless of age, breed, or size.

We are located in Salem, New Hampshire off exit 3 of route 93. We have a mobile service to help cover the north shore and northern parts of Greater Boston.

There are over 400 videos of Off-Leash K9 Training on YouTube. Also, visit us on Facebook at Off-Leash K9 Training New Hampshire/Massachusetts.

Call Phil Tracewski at (877) 224-0078 or e-mail to set-up an appointment.

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